General terms and conditions
of Motorherberg de Waard

These general terms and conditions, which were accepted when making your booking, apply to every offer or quotation from Motorherberg de Waard and form part of every agreement between Motorherberg de Waard and the client or while staying as a guest.

Reservation and payment

  • The agreement is completed when a room has been booked by the guest, confirmed by Motorherberg de Waard, and the deposit paid on time. After receipt of the deposit, the reservation is final. If the deposit is not made as agreed, the hotel is entitled to cancel the contract.
  • If the deposit is not received one month before the arrival date, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.
  • With the completion of the contract, the hotel is obliged to fulfil the contractual obligations for the period of the contract. The dates agreed are binding on both parties. After the option date has expired, the hotel reserves the right to release the agreed room for rental.
  • The prices stated on the website ( and in a quotation are the prices valid at the time the contract is completed.
  • The hotel can adjust the prices at any time.
  • The invoice is to be settled with the deposit on the day of departure.
  • The invoice can only be paid in cash.
  • The invoice will be made per booking (or group) and must be paid per entire booking (or entire group).
  • It is not possible to split the bill of one booking per person or per room.
  • The hotel room is reserved from 16:00 on the day of arrival. Check-out is until 11:00. The room should be free of personal belongings by 10:30.
  • If the agreed room is not available, the hotel is obliged to provide an equivalent room in another hotel in the immediate vicinity.

Cancellation or changes

  • Cancellations or changes to the reservation can be made by e-mail (
  • In case of a cancellation or change within 6 weeks before arrival date, 50% of the reservation value will be charged or deducted from the deposit.
  • If cancelled within 10 days before arrival date, the full reservation value will be charged or deducted from the deposit.
  • Rooms can only be cancelled in their entirety, not per bed.
  • The costs of cancellation are to be borne by the person making the reservation.


  • Motorherberg de Waard accepts no liability for physical injury, material damage and/or consequential damage of any kind inflicted on or caused by guests and/or third parties. This applies both in the building of Motorherberg de Waard as well as around the building.
  • Motorherberg de Waard is not liable for damage resulting from natural disasters, epidemics, calamities and/or other reasons beyond its control.